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From Risk Officer To Change Driver: How Artificial Intelligence Is Upskilling GRC

22-Jan-2019 | Henner Schliebs | Compliance Management

Automation will impact almost every role within finance and GRC and should motivate finance teams to develop their skills to keep pace with transformation.

travel and expense, fraud management, fraud detection, employee spending, regulatory compliance

How Fraudsters Find Weak Links in Employee Spend Areas

12-Nov-2018 | Caitlin Strickling | Compliance Management

Companies that use data-monitoring and analysis technology to monitor employee expenses had 52% lower losses and 58% faster detection of anomalies.

GRC, governance, risk, compliance, audit, risk management, finance

Lose The Myths And Step Towards A GRC Digital Transformation (Part 2)

24-Oct-2018 | Daniel Morfin | Compliance Management

Make sure you’re armed with accurate information to face GRC challenges however and whenever they come.

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