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Hispanic friends shopping in clothing store

SMS: Engaging Consumers Through Richer Communication

13-Jul-2018 | Desmond Chong | Communication

We are no longer satisfied by looking at a plain message on our SMS. Even checking Facebook and sending pictures using our favorite messaging clients have already become part of our lifestyle.

AI, artificial intelligence, translation services, machine learning

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Translation Industry. But Will It Work?

6-Jul-2018 | Simon Davies | Communication

Artificial intelligence has transformed multiple industries in recent years. Will new developments in AI language-learning change translation forever?

branding, marketing, personal voice, personal brand

Develop A Personal Voice – Not Just A Personal Brand

6-Mar-2018 | Vivek Bapat | Communication

Some people think a personal brand helps you stand out and effectively communicate your value. But a personal voice is more powerful than a brand.

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