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The End Of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) As We Know It

20-May-2019 | David Williams | Collaborative Enterprise Planning

While it’s the end of CPM as we know it, the need for agile enterprise planning and a faster, more accurate close remains.

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Ventana Research Reveals That A Single Platform Is Key For Collaborative Enterprise Planning

27-Feb-2019 | Pras Chatterjee | Collaborative Enterprise Planning

Ventana’s research shows that leaders understand that access to actionable data insights determines an enterprise's competitive edge.

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Megatrends Reshaping Finance: How CFOs Can Stay Ahead For Competitive Edge (Part 2)

25-Feb-2019 | Rob Jenkins | Collaborative Enterprise Planning

How global value-chain modeling, real-time predictive analytics, and blockchain are shaping the finance function of the future, in part 2 of series.

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