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Edge Computing And Cloud For Remote Operations: Part 2

21-Jun-2018 | David Cruickshank | Cloud Strategy

The oil and gas industry is transitioning to an edge-plus-cloud architecture that is purpose-built for the Industrial Internet.

travel, risk management, business travel, travel and expense management, T&E, compliance, financial services

Why T&E Matters: Risk And Compliance

20-Jun-2018 | Andy Hirst | Cloud Strategy

The more visibility you have in travel and expense management, the more control you have over everything. And when you have both, you have a lot less risk to worry about.

The CFO: Instigating Disruption As An Agent Of Change

14-Jun-2018 | Eman Goubran | Cloud Strategy

Having insight into each line of business and fulfilling the role of strategic advisor enables CFOs to identify areas of concern well before anyone else.

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