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Cashier serving customers with digital tablet register in bakery

Experience (Not Size) Matters In Today's Economy

4-Jun-2019 | Shalini Mitha | Cloud Services

The key to accomplishing a superior CX is connecting moments that matter across every touch point. Here's how midsize businesses can do that.

GDPR, regulation, cloud services, compliance, risk management

Cloud Services And The GDPR: A Guide For Business Responsibilities

13-May-2019 | Dakota Murphey | Cloud Services

To avoid regulatory problems, you must ensure that both you and your cloud services provider are in full compliance with the GDPR. Here are the steps to take.

managed cloud, cloud services, HR, outsourcing

Three Trends To Watch In Managed Cloud And HR

24-Oct-2018 | Lori McNally | Cloud Services

Managed cloud can reduce organizational complexity and improve operational efficiency across the enterprise, including in HR.

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