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Next-Gen ERP: The Digital Foundation For Cloud-First Firms

29-Aug-2017 | David Foulcher | Cloud-Driven Competitive Advantage

Small and midsize businesses find establishing a digital core with a next-generation ERP solution decreases complexity and improves data quality.

Businesswoman using smartphone in city

Firms In China Look Up To The Cloud To Pursue Digital Vision

23-Aug-2017 | Lijun Sun | Cloud-Driven Competitive Advantage

Small and midsize firms have the power to turn the world’s most populous nation into a global cloud powerhouse. Here's how.

firm uses the cloud in remote meeting area

Cloud Momentum Starts A Pivotal Journey For Firms Worldwide

16-Aug-2017 | Yvette Cameron | Cloud-Driven Competitive Advantage

Is it possible that firm that desire immediate gains are hampering the long-term benefits of adopting the cloud and emerging tech business-wide?

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