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Health Vs. Hackers: Cloud-Connected Cardiac Care

13-Jul-2018 | Larry Alton | Cloud Computing

IoT-connected healthcare technology holds great promise to improve patient outcomes, especially for cardiac patients. But what about security?

Daimler AG: Shortening Innovation Speed From Days To Hours

10-Jul-2018 | Jutta Lachenauer | Cloud Computing

Daimler is defining the future of mobility in a customer-experience driven era by embarking on a digital transformation journey.

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Women In Enterprise Cloud Computing. Part 3: To See Opportunities, Put Yourself In Someone Else's Shoes

4-Jul-2018 | Jutta Lachenauer | Cloud Computing

In the third part of the series on leadership advice from women in cloud computing, Baerbel Haenelt shares her experience in opening up new talent and innovation opportunities by embracing diversity.

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