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Aerial view of a wind farm

Three Industries Where Technology Is Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

10-Dec-2019 | Tom Raftery | Climate Change

Some of the highest polluting industries are taking the biggest steps toward reducing their negative effects on the environment.

Eye-catching symbol denotes the electric vehicle charging station

Is Pakistan Ready For An Electric Vehicle Initiative?

22-Oct-2019 | Farjeel Javed | Climate Change

Can Pakistan support widespread adoption of electric vehicles? Here's how technology can help address some of the challenges.

supply chain, 2019 predictions, digital supply chain, innovation, Brexit

What’s Ahead For 2019: A Global Perspective On Digital Supply Chains

2-Jan-2019 | Richard Howells | Climate Change

The first blog in this series investigates the major global issues that will affect the supply chain in 2019.

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