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Critical Success Factors For Each Phase Of Digital Transformation

13-Nov-2018 | Raimar Hoeliner | CIO Premium

The first step in a digital transformation plan is to understand where you want to be in a few years and what drives value to customers, vendors, and employees.

IT security, cloud security, data security, data protection

Data Security Mistakes Most Businesses Don’t Realize They’re Making

12-Nov-2018 | Larry Alton | CIO Premium

Focus your energy on the most valuable cybersecurity strategies for maximizing your data protection.

IT, OT, operational technology, energy, manufacturing, SCADA, security, industrial control

Convergence Of IT And OT In Energy And Manufacturing

5-Nov-2018 | Mohamed Babikir | CIO Premium

Combining information technology and operational technology has gained favor because it results in a more secure and less costly technology deployment.

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