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Finance professionals work together at their desks

Artificial Intelligence: What Tasks Can Self-Learning Systems Really Perform For Finance?

15-Jan-2020 | Olivia Marcey | CIO Premium

Recognize the difference between automation and ML so you won't be fooled by overblown claims about what it can accomplish.

team meets in an office discussing their digital strategy

Digital Transformation From Customer Viewpoints (Part 1)

15-Jan-2020 | Jackie Jeong | CIO Premium

Leaders from six leading Korean enterprises share how they started their company's digital transformation.

Team sits around a coffee table during a design thinking exercise

Design Thinking And The Intelligent Enterprise (Part 2)

14-Jan-2020 | Frederik Verhoef | CIO Premium

Design thinking is one of the most powerful tools to solve business problems, but there's no standard way to go about it. Learn about some proven options.

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