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A Quick Win For CIOs In Financial Transformation: T&E

26-Oct-2017 | Erin Giordano | CIO And CFO Alignment

Here are three questions CIOs should ask their teams if they want to advance digital transformation in finance by modernizing T&E systems and processes.

Leading CFOs Align With IT To Automate And Streamline Operations

21-Aug-2017 | Thomas Zipperle | CIO And CFO Alignment

Top finance leaders understand how automation plays a key role in increasing business efficiency, and are tapping the power of IT to enable it.

accounting, finance, RPA, robotic process automation

Why CFOs Are Getting Serious About The Cloud

25-Jul-2017 | Andy Greig | CIO And CFO Alignment

CFOs are seeing the potential of cloud environments as they realize that on-premise IT is not financially able to keep pace with new technology adoption.

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