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CHRO guides executives to make choices that improve employee experiences

Five Critical Focus Areas For CHROs In 2020 And Beyond

14-Aug-2019 | Karen McDermott | CHRO

If CHROs guide executives to make choices that improve employee experiences, the future of work will be bright for all of us. Here are five examples.

CHRO discusses HR strategy with the COO while accessing data through a laptop in an office

Human Resources In A High-Tech World: The Challenges For CHROs

1-Aug-2019 | Satish Maktal | CHRO

The highly skilled, highly creative talent that tech companies need to succeed is getting harder to find, but these points can help you attract and retain them.

flash feature image

Digitalist Flash Briefing: Are Finance And HR Friends Or Foes? Shifting To A Collaborative Mindset

27-Dec-2017 | Bonnie D. Graham | CHRO

The relationship between HR and finance is constantly evolving. But can these organizations find a way to work together?

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