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CFO guides marketers on experience management strategies

How CFOs Can Help Organizations Break Free Of Silos Through Experience Management

1-Oct-2019 | Vaag Durgaryan | CFO Role

CFOs are in the perfect position to help organizations improve overall performance by fostering communication and collaboration across the enterprise.

Finance professonal analyzes data on a wall-sized monitor

Future-Forward Finance: Challenges And Trends (Part 2)

19-Sep-2019 | Bertille Laudoux | CFO Role

Having the right processes and technology has become a competitive advantage, and igniting the finance department and data sourcing is crucial.

Finance team reviews business rules for an automated process

Future-Forward Finance: Shifts And Evolutions (Part 1)

12-Sep-2019 | Bertille Laudoux | CFO Role

Learn how SAP's Jørgen Bo Johansen views the massive shift towards finance automation to support a global move towards more intelligent business.

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