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finance leaders discuss operational efficiency and revenue growth of their midsize business

A New Perspective On Data Can Revolutionize Finance At Midsize Businesses

18-Jun-2019 | Ido Shamgar | CFO Premium

Proactive, systematic transformation of finance can uncover new opportunities and take on areas of improvement to deliver unprecedented growth.

finance team of a midsize business discuss changes to a process

Finance Sets A Foundation Of Intelligent Transformation For Growing Businesses

11-Jun-2019 | Neil Krefsky | CFO Premium

By embracing digital transformation and intelligent technologies, finance is emerging as the epicenter of sustainable growth for midsize businesses.

spend management, expense reporting, employee spend, finance, audit

Use Corporate Cards And P-Cards To Gain Visibility And Control Of Employee Spend

10-Jun-2019 | Serge Kogan | CFO Premium

Corporate cards and P-cards not only increase visibility into employee spending but also support reporting, reconciliation, and audit processes.

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