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Top Finance Priorities Toward Becoming An Intelligent Enterprise

28-Jun-2018 | Ido Shamgar | CFO Intelligent Enterprise Series

CFOs who prioritize four fundamental pillars of the intelligent enterprise help businesses achieve big-impact advantages against competitors.

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Real Reward Of Finance Automation: An Intelligent Enterprise, Not Less Headcount

21-Jun-2018 | Ido Shamgar | CFO Intelligent Enterprise Series

There is so much untapped value from automation that is just waiting for finance to realize. So instead of automating to reduce headcount and costs, maybe it’s time to drive the value your business needs to run as an intelligent enterprise.

How Finance’s Intelligent-Enterprise Mindset Fuels Smarter Processes

31-May-2018 | Ido Shamgar | CFO Intelligent Enterprise Series

Here are three basic end-to-end finance scenarios that show how an intelligent-enterprise mindset can create a wave of transformation that can position the entire business on the right course.

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