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Working Capital Optimization: Understanding Your Options

18-Oct-2018 | Scott Pezza | Cash Management

By combining different approaches, you can pay your suppliers on time, optimize your cash on hand, and hit your discount-based savings goals.

working capital, finance, supply chain, fintech, accounts payable, accounts receivable

Working Capital: Age-Old Strategies Getting Facelift From New Tech (Part 2)

20-Sep-2018 | Jeff Scott | Cash Management

The strategies and challenges to increase working capital are not new, but enhanced platforms and products are increasing interconnectivity and visibility.

working capital, treasury management, technology

Working Capital: Age-Old Strategies Getting Facelift From New Tech (Part 1)

10-Sep-2018 | Jeff Scott | Cash Management

Take a look at age-old, tried and true methods to measure working capital and some of the simple ways to improve it.

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