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Visibility Is For Life, Not Just Year-End

26-Jun-2018 | Dafydd Llewellyn | Cash Flow Management

Knowing what’s going on in your business throughout the year is essential if you want to have a stable, secure company that’s ready to grow.

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Tax Savings And The Long-Term Value Of Digital Transformation

14-Jun-2018 | Todd McElhatton | Cash Flow Management

The result of the new U.S. tax law means most companies will have more cash on hand for investment. How they invest that money is critical to their long-term future.

Four Ways To Improve Cash Application With Machine Learning

18-Apr-2018 | Gina McNamara | Cash Flow Management

Machine-learning programs can give your team access to insights by analyzing patterns and running predictive simulations so your team can work with confidence in their AI-driven insights. Here are four key ways you can use machine learning to improve your cash application process.

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