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Finance team benefit from the insight generated through RPA to handle cash management

Optimize Your Cash Applications In Five Simple Steps

22-Oct-2019 | Aleksandra Giera | Capgemini

With the right process and cash applications solution, customer payment behavior no longer needs to be a hurdle that results in manual cash-applications issues.

Top 5 CFO Posts in September 2019

Top Five Finance Blogs Of September 2019

8-Oct-2019 | Jean Loh | Capgemini

September's top blogs prove CFOs are ready to take advantage of massive technological advances to improve performance, reduce costs, and streamline operations.

Smiling woman sitting at the window using laptop

How Machine Learning Is Transforming Finance Operations

17-Sep-2019 | Agnieszka Palonek | Capgemini

Machine learning represents a complete game-changer in improving finance processes. Here are three questions to ask before you start developing a solution.

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