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The CFO’s Strategy Playbook: Focus Areas, Mission Statement, And Road Map

11-Apr-2018 | Johannes Vogel | Business Trends

Working through the elements of the functional finance strategy provides CFOs and their teams with a solid basis for starting finance transformation activities. The finance strategy will be the go-to place to review the reasoning and rationale for decisions made to start the finance transformation.

The CFO’s Strategy Playbook: Megatrends And Innovation

4-Apr-2018 | Johannes Vogel | Business Trends

As in general strategy-definition processes, functional strategies should use the current status quo as a starting point. But they should also assess megatrends that impact the industry or the company specifically, as well as innovation topics relevant to the team.

The CFO’s Strategy Playbook: Context, Objectives, And Governance

28-Mar-2018 | Johannes Vogel | Business Trends

Find out how CFOs are rethinking the organization of their teams, their values and vision, and the functional strategy that lays out the road map for achieving that vision.

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