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Inside a shipping distribution warehouse lined with shelves of boxes

The Impact of Intense Disruption On Business Models: Strategic Alternatives (Part 2)

14-May-2020 | Nitin Singh | Business Strategy

Capability analysis identifies what's required to identify alternate sources of supplies and to develop new suppliers in an expedited manner.

close-up image of the top of a foosball table

The Impact Of Intense Disruption On Business Models And Strategic Alternatives (Part 1)

6-May-2020 | Nitin Singh | Business Strategy

Disruption in one area of business can cascade and disrupt many other areas.

Team of managers meet to discuss the innovation of new business capabilities

The Business Capability Model

12-Feb-2020 | Aldo Ambrosio | Business Strategy

Unpack the business capability model and how it can effectively drive business growth, adapt to marketing conditions, and drive competitive advantage.

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