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Robots And Humans: A Marriage Made In Heaven Or Hell?

26-Feb-2019 | Anders Liu-Lindberg | Business Process Reengineering

As robots enter every profession and industry, we need to refine how robots and humans can work together for the most optimal result.

Why You Should Robotize Only Standard Processes

19-Feb-2019 | Anders Liu-Lindberg | Business Process Reengineering

RPA can be the key to freeing up time and resources in finance, but you need to do it right. Here's what to keep in mind.

robotic process automation, RPA, change management, finance

How To Make Robots Part Of The Finance Family

12-Feb-2019 | Anders Liu-Lindberg | Business Process Reengineering

By taking an inclusive approach, listening to people’s concerns and making them part of the process, you’ll face much less resistance with new technology.

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