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GDPR As Catalyst: Start With A Solid Process Baseline (Part 3)

15-Aug-2018 | Cindy Morel | Business Process Optimization

Holistic, end-to-end transparency into as-is processes helps stimulate data-based continuous process improvement.

Three Ways To Implement AI For Business

Three Ways To Implement AI For Business

25-Apr-2018 | Timo Elliott | Business Process Optimization

Robust machine learning algorithms are proving their worth by helping businesses automate processes, develop intuitive interfaces, and optimize processes in new ways.

How Digitization Can Help Optimize The Account-To-Report Process

8-May-2017 | Nilly Essaides | Business Process Optimization

Digital transformation will not only help make A2R processes more efficient; it will change the level of the organization at which these processes take place.

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