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Forklift Truck with Cargo Container --- Image by © Image Source/Corbis

Design To Operate: Delivering The Goods With Better Logistics

18-Jul-2019 | Markus Rosemann | Business Networks

Integrated D2O processes enable your logistics team to ensure that goods are delivered on time at the lowest cost possible and with what customers expect.

How Electronic Invoicing Can – And Should – Really Work

27-Aug-2018 | Chris Rauen | Business Networks

An electronic invoice offers a snapshot of the multi-party collaboration that networks enable, flagging errors or exceptions relating to the transaction.

procurement, ethics, supply chain, strategy

Why Business Ethics Should Be A Pivotal Part Of Your Strategy

31-Jul-2018 | Justin Sadler-Smith | Business Networks

Procurement is increasingly called to help protect the brand, run proactive supplier audits, and drive suppliers to support an ethical agenda.

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