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Why Context Is The Key To Helping Data-Driven Misfits Fit In

14-Jan-2019 | Estelle Lagorce | Business Model Innovation

Capturing data is only a small part of competing in an increasingly intelligence-driven marketplace. Putting it into context is key to putting it into action.

Natura: Looking Good And Doing Good – In The Cloud

10-Jan-2019 | Judith Magyar | Business Model Innovation

Natura, Brazil's leading cosmetics manufacturer, is a direct sales company that relies on relationships and social networks. Here's how they have found success.

chemicals, innovation, manufacturing, 4D printing

4D Printing: A New Opportunity For The Chemical Industry?

9-Jan-2019 | Stefan Guertzgen | Business Model Innovation

While 3D printing has broadened the capabilities of the manufacturing industry, it still has limitations. This is where 4D printing can come in.

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