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Blind man walks on the street with the assistance of his friend

Promoting Inclusivity And Driving Real Business With Adaptive Fashion

11-Sep-2019 | Matt Laukaitis | Business Model Innovation

With one in seven people worldwide who have a physical and/or cognitive disability, the world of adaptive fashion is set to go mainstream.

Boarding the plane, departure lounge.

NDC And ONE Order: Personalizing The Travel Experience

9-Sep-2019 | Sahmeer Alli | Business Model Innovation

The airline industry is transforming from transportation ticket sellers into hyper-personalized retailers of passenger travel experiences.

Innovation team discusses a process with the system approach

A Systems Approach To Innovation: From Guessing Correctly, To Learning Quickly

26-Aug-2019 | Eamon Fenwick | Business Model Innovation

Innovation must be open to counterintuitive solutions that address a challenge better than current or planned ideas.

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