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How Machine Learning Will Save The Paper And Packaging Industry

18-Apr-2018 | Jennifer Scholze | Business Model Innovation

To realize machine learning’s full transformative potential, paper and packaging companies must break down data silos. Pooling data for advanced synthesis across companies is key to creating new, performance-based business models.

Demystifying Digital Twins: Your Top 5 Questions Answered

17-Apr-2018 | Thomas Ohnemus | Business Model Innovation

Does your organization need help demystifying digital twins? Here are answers to five of the top questions surrounding this exciting new technology.

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Disrupting The Insurance Industry: How Digitalization Enables A Customer-Focused Business Model

16-Apr-2018 | Joe Pacor | Business Model Innovation

Today’s insurance customer has dozens of choices in providers. To compete, insurers must create a customer-driven model that meets their needs while also addressing loss prevention and protection services.

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