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Why B2B Startups Are On The Rise In India

19-Mar-2019 | Dilipkumar Khandelwal | Business Model

There is a shift towards B2B business models in India, and one growth area is AI. Here's why the growth of B2B startups in India will continue to accelerate.

world lit up by lights at night

Digital Transformation: A Modern Form Of Creative Destruction

20-Jul-2018 | Derrick Steiner | Business Model

The convergence of several evolving innovations are challenging business leaders to develop a digital transformation strategy, but few are prepared.

Digital Disruption – It Doesn’t Have To Be A Zero-Sum Game

27-Jul-2016 | Brian Lee-Archer | Business Model

A lot of concern about digital disruption comes from the fallacy that for new business models to rise, traditional business models must crash and burn.

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