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Doctors performing surgery in operating room

Collaborating For A Better Tomorrow: The Operating Room Of The Future

30-Mar-2020 | Michael Byczkowski | Business Intelligence

The operating room of the future will be a networked, integrated intelligent healthcare enterprise that consolidates all data on an intelligent platform.

Colleague assesses supply chain information and movements on a smart board in a conference room

Key Ways To Analyze Your Supply Chain Data

4-Mar-2020 | Kevin Gardner | Business Intelligence

Supply chain management is a substantive area of expense, and performing an effective analysis can provide a significant return on investment.

Plant engineer climbs an oil storage tank

How To Approach A Cognitive AI Project For Unstructured Data Processing

13-Jan-2020 | Bharti Maan | Business Intelligence

Cognitive AI system deployments are full of questions ranging from cost and feasibility to ethical considerations. Tackle them in a series of small steps.

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