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Designing AI for People

Designing AI For People

13-Nov-2018 | Maricel Cabahug | Business Ethics

To realize its transformative promise, AI systems must be designed to both maximize human potential and protect humankind’s best interests.

artificial intelligence, AI, machine learning, ML, unintended consequences, risks, human rights, ethics

Values Build Trust: The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Secures The Ethical Use Of AI

7-Nov-2018 | Daniel Schmid | Business Ethics

Although society is just beginning to discuss the ethics of AI, innovators need guidance now to ensure their work doesn't compromise human rights.

artificial intelligence, AI, machine learning, ML, risks, human rights, ethics

Why The Future Of Artificial Intelligence Needs Clear Rules And Guidelines

1-Nov-2018 | Jennifer Morgan | Business Ethics

Guiding principles for the uses of AI present an opportunity to avoid misuses in every area, from labor management to data protection.

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