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Integrating Business Continuity Management Within Your GRC Process

26-Jul-2018 | Thomas Frenehard | Business Continuity

Does your organization have a business continuity management plan in place? Here are three steps to integrate one within your GRC process.

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Why Resilience Is Necessary To Thrive Amidst Disruption

28-Mar-2018 | Vaibhav Vohra | Business Continuity

As the complexity of planned and unplanned disruptive events continues to rise, preparation is key to remaining resilient in the face of crisis.

cybersecurity, security, cyber defense

Why Your Digital Strategy Is Most Likely Not Keeping Your Business Secure Enough

23-Oct-2017 | Paul Kurchina | Business Continuity

The increasing interconnectivity of companies and assets is opening the door to unprecedented exposure, turning IT systems into highly attractive targets.

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