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business partners meet to discuss finance and FP&A plans

Everyone Can Adopt A Business Partnering Mindset

6-Jun-2019 | Anders Liu-Lindberg | Business Collaboration

Examine the key attributes of a business partner mindset that enable FP&A professionals to establish strong working relationships with business stakeholders.

Does Your FP&A Team Understand The Business?

30-May-2019 | Anders Liu-Lindberg | Business Collaboration

For FP&A to become a business partner and help set the strategic direction of the company, then business understanding is crucial. Here's how to get it.

finance, accounting FP&A, business partnering

How FP&A Can Partner With The Business

23-May-2019 | Anders Liu-Lindberg | Business Collaboration

Create your action plan for building partnerships with your stakeholders so you can influence the business' strategic direction.

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