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Aligning IT With Corporate Strategy In The Age Of Digital Transformation

26-Apr-2018 | Andre Smith | Business Alignment

As modern digital transformation accelerates, new technologies and priorities will continue to shift the role of IT in the enterprise in ways that cannot be forecast. CIOs must continue to adapt their long-term visions to what's now, what's new, and what's next.

finance, digital transformation, FP&A

Enable Best-in-Class FP&A With Finance Transformation: Part 1

3-Apr-2018 | Brian Kalish | Business Alignment

How does an organization move from the old world of bean-counting and reporting to the new world of helping the enterprise make better, smarter decisions faster? The answer is finance transformation.

accounting, finance, RPA, robotic process automation

Why CFOs Are Getting Serious About The Cloud

25-Jul-2017 | Andy Greig | Business Alignment

CFOs are seeing the potential of cloud environments as they realize that on-premise IT is not financially able to keep pace with new technology adoption.

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