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Brexit, Cash Flow, And The Supply Chain

23-Apr-2019 | Pascal d’Arc | Brexit

Brexit (hard, soft, or otherwise) will affect the European supply chain and create risks and costs to trading partners dependent on UK imports and exports.

brexit, finance, change management, risk management, digital technology, supply chain, procurement

Brexit: Seize The Opportunities, Manage The Risks

17-Oct-2018 | Justin Sadler-Smith | Brexit

While there will certainly be problems associated with Brexit, for the UK and other countries, there will be opportunities too. Here's how to prepare.

supply chain, Brexit

Brexit: The Catalyst For Change In Digital Supply

3-Oct-2018 | Pascal d’Arc | Brexit

Brexit offers UK and EU business at least four opportunities to exploit Industry 4.0 technologies, mitigate potential challenges, and drive opportunities.

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