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Next-Generation Competence Center (Part III): Aligning Business And IT

1-Aug-2019 | Alfredo Mancini | Brand Strategy

How to align corporate brand identity and business strategy with IT mission, vision, and strategy.

Marketer considers how customers experience a product

Marketers Must Reshape How They Build Trust And Loyalty For Their Brands

16-Jul-2019 | Benjamin Herrmann | Brand Strategy

Learn three best practices for marketing strategies to build customer trust and lasting loyalty in the digital age.

Consumer browsing through shelves of colorful merchandise

How To Build A Customer-Centric Supply Chain: A Q&A With Data Mastermind Kirk Borne

25-Jun-2019 | Ursula Ringham | Brand Strategy

Learn how to improve your customer experience through digital, intelligent supply chain management with insight from expert Kirk Borne.

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