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Sell Amongst Yourselves

5-Dec-2018 | Malin Liden | #BoldlyDigital

Social selling is a long-term commitment, but it works. You can tap social selling to create trust, improve your sales results, and deliver a great ROI.

The Humanity in the Machine

12-Sep-2018 | Martin Wezowski | #BoldlyDigital

Long term success: powered by machine learning and imagination. Learn why AI is the ultimate partner in unleashing the next wave of human creativity.

Stitching Up Your Healthcare Data

4-Jun-2018 | Dominik Bertram | #BoldlyDigital

A useful balance of data and privacy that will become the foundation of future AI-powered healthcare. Governments, the healthcare and tech industries, and patients should all work together to create this foundation now, while these innovations are emerging.

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