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A diverse workforce gathers together in an office lobby

Leveraging Networks To Empower And Excite Employees In This VUCA World

12-Aug-2019 | Gerd Ehrhardt | Blockchain

Leveraging networks and the collective intelligence of employees is one of the best strategies against volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

Manager reviews machine performance with IoT data on his device

The Economics Of Intelligent Enterprises

23-Jul-2019 | Itzhak Shoshan | Blockchain

Classic value management approaches are still valid in the era of machine learning, IoT, and blockchain.

Forklift Truck with Cargo Container --- Image by © Image Source/Corbis

Design To Operate: Delivering The Goods With Better Logistics

18-Jul-2019 | Markus Rosemann | Blockchain

Integrated D2O processes enable your logistics team to ensure that goods are delivered on time at the lowest cost possible and with what customers expect.

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