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Blockchain In Finance Sales Support: Smart Contracting

24-May-2018 | Vaag Durgaryan | Bitcoin

Here's how blockchain technology is poised to transform contracting, increasing efficiency and reliability.

blockchain, innovation, IT strategy, adoption

Blockchain To Blockchains: Broad Adoption Enters The Realm Of The Possible: Part 1

30-Apr-2018 | Darshini Dalal | Bitcoin

As blockchain moves into the mainstream over the next 18-24 months, solutions that feature a clear path to commercialization stand a better chance of reaching production.

blockchain, bitcoin, digital transformation, digitalization, platform

Blockchain Accelerates From Infrastructure Into A Platform

25-Apr-2018 | Jennifer Horowitz | Bitcoin

New Gartner report reveals details around the practicalities, efficiencies, readiness, and integration of blockchain technology.

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