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IT service management, ITSM, bimodal IT

Bimodal, Trimodal, Multimodal: What Role Does IT Service Management Fulfill?

8-Apr-2019 | Dirk Fuhrmann | Bimodal IT

Ever-faster innovation cycles and increasingly complex IT landscapes make IT service management inevitable.

customer experience, customer engagement, customer centricity, IT strategy

Customer-Centric IT Is Key To An Unforgettable Customer Experience

5-Mar-2019 | Joerg Oberdieck | Bimodal IT

A customer-centric IT strategy puts customer experience at the center of your business model to control the success of your brand.

digital transformation, finance

Why Pour Your Tax Savings Into Digital Transformation?

21-Jun-2018 | Todd McElhatton | Bimodal IT

While it might make sense for companies to use their increased after-tax cash flow for a wide range of laudable purposes, digital transformation can provide long-term benefits missing from those other opportunities.

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