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Insight-Driven Businesses Require Next-Generation Data Warehousing

24-Apr-2018 | Thierry Audas | Big Data Analysis

Decision making is no longer enough. Today’s organizations must adapt or die—and survival requires a new kind of business. Best-in-class organizations are maturing from a data-driven approach to decision-making to an insights-driven one.

Information officers discussing the benefits of advanced ERP technologies

Four Ways To Capture Competitive Advantage With Intelligent Cloud ERP

15-Feb-2018 | Conor Donohoe | Big Data Analysis

Intelligent cloud-based ERP systems can enable faster deployment and immediate access to advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), digital assistants, in-memory analytics, and end-to-end data integration.

Big Data Privacy Risks And The Role Of The GDPR: Part 2

27-Apr-2017 | Evelyne Salie | Big Data Analysis

GDPR is prompting companies to take extra efforts to guarantee data privacy rights. Here's what you need to know about the changes ahead.

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