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Helming Your Organization’s Digital Transformation

25-Jul-2019 | Dillon Papenfuss | Benchmarking

Financial executives can lead by spearheading efforts to benchmark the organization against their peers and formulating transformational end goals and roadmaps.

Benchmarking: A Comparative View Expands CFO Leadership With Purpose And Sustainability

28-Feb-2018 | Neil Krefsky | Benchmarking

Finance leaders who do periodic benchmarking are positioned to find the best practices and technologies for rooting out processes, policies, and partnerships that conflict with running a sustainable, purpose-driven business.

How CFOs Are Finding Purpose In Everyday Finance

8-Feb-2018 | Henner Schliebs | Benchmarking

Purpose has emerged as a top business priority that requires tangible action. CFOs must understand this new reality and provide leadership accordingly.

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