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How Smaller Wholesalers Can Tip The “Direct-to-Consumer Effect” In Their Favor

13-Jun-2018 | Karen Lynch | B2B Commerce

As retailers and manufacturers cut the middleman from their supply chains, small and midsize distributors need to reinsert themselves into the customer experience by reshaping the value chain; reimagining operational processes; and enabling compelling, value-added business models.

SAP Leonardo, Wholesale Distribution, Digital Transformation

What We Will See In Wholesale Distribution's Growth

24-Apr-2018 | Michelle Schooff | B2B Commerce

Wholesale distribution is in transition, as the industry struggles to keep up with B2B customers' expectations for near-real-time delivery of parts and supplies, says SAP's global wholesale distribution industry business unit lead in recent podcast.

Five Benefits To Adopting Blockchain In New Zealand’s Retail Sector

12-Apr-2018 | Steve Letford | B2B Commerce

Is it time for New Zealand's retail sector to embrace blockchain technology? Here are 5 potential benefits.

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