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Finance professionals work together at their desks

Artificial Intelligence: What Tasks Can Self-Learning Systems Really Perform For Finance?

15-Jan-2020 | Olivia Marcey | Automation

Recognize the difference between automation and ML so you won't be fooled by overblown claims about what it can accomplish.

Man with child operating A drone by remote control during sunset

Key Business And Technology Trends In 2020 For Enterprises

8-Jan-2020 | Sourajit Ghosh | Automation

Key business technology trends for the future center on convergence and interoperability.

Rush Hours on the M6 Motorway, England

Streamline Financial Close Management

7-Jan-2020 | Elizabeth Milne | Automation

There's no magic to transforming the financial close; it takes identifying shortcomings, automating, collaborating, measuring, and improving.

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