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Improving Customer Empathy With Machine Learning

13-Jun-2018 | Ryan van Leent | Australia

Austrailia tax office uses machine learning to better understand each taxpayer's circumstances and provide personalized solutions that increase revenue.

How The Democratization Of Public Data Could Help Build More Sustainable And Liveable Communities Across Australia

29-May-2018 | Natalie Kenny | Australia

Data can help break down the information asymmetries that exist between community decision-makers, for example, ensuring that different projects across the country are connected and therefore planners and policymakers can learn from prior mistakes and successes.

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How To Make The Most Of IFRS 17

2-Apr-2018 | Mathew Bailey | Australia

Experts at the recent Finance, Risk, and Insurance Summit describe how savvy finance organizations can take advantage of IFRS-created opportunities to improve their processes and transform their finances.

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