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finance team discusses GRC performance

Reducing Risk, Increasing Retention, And Recruiting Top Talent

1-Jul-2019 | Molly Boyle | Audit

Cloud-based, accounting- and finance-specific technology solutions immediately increase controls and dramatically reduce risk in its many forms.

How To Mitigate Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) Risk In A Global Business Landscape

19-Sep-2017 | Payton Burger | Audit

FCPA compliance requires knowledge of what the FCPA considers bribery to a foreign official, and building the appropriate policies to combat that.

Key Considerations For Building A Scalable Audit Process

30-Aug-2017 | Payton Burger | Audit

When building a scalable audit process that will accommodate company growth, it’s important to consider when, what, and why you are auditing. Here's how.

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