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How To Mitigate Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) Risk In A Global Business Landscape

19-Sep-2017 | Payton Burger | Audit

FCPA compliance requires knowledge of what the FCPA considers bribery to a foreign official, and building the appropriate policies to combat that.

Key Considerations For Building A Scalable Audit Process

30-Aug-2017 | Payton Burger | Audit

When building a scalable audit process that will accommodate company growth, it’s important to consider when, what, and why you are auditing. Here's how.

audit, GRC, assurance, accounting, auditing, governance

Is Assurance Obsolete?

27-Jan-2017 | Bruce McCuaig | Audit

Customers say assurance doesn't add value, not because they want it to be better or faster, but because it's not what they need now.

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