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Engineer monitors oil drilling site

The Digital Paradox Of Change In The Oil And Gas Industry

6-Aug-2019 | Paul Kurchina | ASUG

Most industries measure digital transformation by accelerated, highly visible outcomes, but oil and gas may be following a completely different playbook.

travel spend, CFO, spend management

The Trouble With Travel Spend: Unpacking A CFO’s Perennial Puzzle

21-Jan-2019 | Estelle Lagorce | ASUG

When you think about financial decisions one traveler makes on a given trip, it’s essential to enhance that experience with technology-enabled capabilities.

finance, financial reporting, analytics, machine learning

Machine Learning: A Clear Case For Automating GR/IR Clearing

4-Jun-2018 | Paul Kurchina | ASUG

Goods-receipt (GR) and invoice-receipt (IR) clearing is a critical area of finance that can benefit from machine learning.

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