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solar power station green electricity panel view

Challenges And Opportunities For Power And Utility Companies

21-May-2020 | Robert Lindenmeir | Asset Management

As the world becomes more dynamic, complex, and data-driven, the energy industry must react to the changes by digitizing many processes.

two plant engineers inspect a machine on the production floor

The Future Plant: Current Challenges In Integrated Enterprise Asset Management

20-May-2020 | Alexandra Glombik | Asset Management

Integrated asset management systems replace manual maintenance activities and enable an efficient, end-to-end flow of asset management processes.

homeowner programs her internet of things enabled thermostat with her mobile device

The State Of Industry 4.0 In 2020: Smart Products

13-May-2020 | Robert Merlo | Asset Management

Intelligent products have already increased revenues and profitability in the past year – a trend that is expected to continue over the next five years.

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