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Building The Intelligent Supply Chain

21-May-2019 | Aldo Da Silva | Asset Management

An intelligent supply chain connects people with processes and things to enable visibility, communication, planning, analysis, simulations, and execution.

industry 4.0, digital supply chain, manufacturing, asset management, logistics

Industry 4.0 And The Digital Supply Chain

4-Apr-2019 | Mike Lackey | Asset Management

A digital supply chain spans design, manufacturing, asset management, and logistics to play a critical role in ensuring positive customer experiences.

What A 25-Year-Old Truck Can Teach You About Intelligent Assets

What My 25-Year-Old Truck Can Teach You About Intelligent Assets

21-Mar-2019 | Richard Howells | Asset Management

Prescriptive maintenance leverages machine learning and predictive analytics to produce outcome-based recommendations for extending a machine's life.

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