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Engineer Testing Forged Steel --- Image by © Monty Rakusen/cultura/Corbis

Design To Operate: Integrated Processes For Better Operations And Maintenance

24-Jul-2019 | Patrick Crampton-Thomas | Asset Intelligence Network

The operations phase of the D2O product lifecycle is ripe for transformation, poised to move away from its focus on reducing cost and standardizing maintenance.

A New Digital Era With Services And Content Packages

18-Jun-2019 | Anubhav Bhatia | Asset Intelligence Network

For manufacturers, an asset intelligence network is a great starting point toward digitalization. However, some upfront investment and effort is still required.

Using Asset Intelligence To Drive New Business Models

28-May-2019 | Richard Howells | Asset Intelligence Network

Here's how one manufacturing company is rethinking its business processes to tap the power of smart technology to improve outcomes.

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