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The Future Of Compliance: Mitigating The “Busy Season”

24-Sep-2018 | Julio Dalla Costa | ASC 606

What if we could use all the Big Data we now have at our fingertips, combine that with analytical insight, and have a real-time, continuous auditing process?

Ready or Not, Here It (Rev Rec Standard) Comes

24-Apr-2018 | David McCann | ASC 606

Many companies are underestimating the need to establish a stable, sustainable revenue recognition process under the new standard, says Christoph Hütten, chief accounting officer at SAP.

Is Your “Readiness” For The New Accounting Standards Sustainable?

21-Dec-2017 | Christoph Huetten | ASC 606

By using the right information technology, accounting teams can make compliance sustainable – and help their firms run better and smarter.

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