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artist sits on a stool in the middle of his studio texting a client

Augmented Humanity: Creating A Human Context That Technology Can Enhance

19-Feb-2020 | Hussain Al-Nabi | Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Premium

When technology becomes discreet and infused within the user and the environment, we will have manifested an augmented civilization and an augmented humanity.

A group of professionals having a meeting at work to discuss transformation of the business

After A Decade Of Digital Disruption, What Can Leaders Expect In The 2020s?

19-Feb-2020 | Aneesha Shenoy | Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Premium

After a decade of digital disruption, the need to build on the intelligent enterprise is more pressing than ever.

Women use a mobile chatbot to make buying decision over flowers at an outdoor market

Wesley – Your Everyday Missed Opportunity

17-Feb-2020 | Pedro Ahlers | Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Premium

An omnichannel strategy is your insurance against missing hidden sales opportunities.

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