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CFO uses a digital assistant on his mobile device

Top 10 Benefits Of Embracing A Future State Of Finance In The Digital Era

14-Aug-2019 | Joy Kennedy | Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Premium

While financial experts may be apprehensive about introducing intelligent technologies, these future-state benefits may convince them to think differently.

1/27/2017 — Seatac Airport, Seatac, Washington, USA

The Smartest Technology In Consumer Products Isn't Only On The Shelves

14-Aug-2019 | Harris Fogel | Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Premium

Back-office tech, specifically that which helps manage travel and expense, can have a significant impact on your employees and the customers they serve.

Man sitting in the middle of an empty field and looking up at the night sky

Enterprise AI Meets Intelligent Information Management

13-Aug-2019 | Kevin Poskitt | Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Premium

Data intelligence is what happens when you bring together both halves of the equation: managing your data then extracting value from it.

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