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Overcoming Common DevOps Challenges To Gain Full Productivity Benefits

21-Mar-2019 | Praveen Challa | Application Development

To unlock the full value of DevOps, businesses need automated and unified approaches to managing applications and databases throughout the DevOps lifecycle.

application development, CIO, IT, application development, agile, software delivery

Five Reasons Why You Need An Agile Delivery Model

11-Feb-2019 | James Roberts | Application Development

An agile way of managing application changes allows requirements to be delivered to the business in shorter, more frequent releases. So, what's good about that?

Democratizing Machine Learning And Predictive Analytics: Business-Enabled Data Analytics

3-Dec-2018 | John Schitka | Application Development

By democratizing PAML via intuitive tools, business users and analysts can leverage predictive technology to answer business problems and drive business value.

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